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The primary mission of The Cavern Beat is to bring to life the miracle of the Beatles, whose music is perhaps the most significant of our time.

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Starting with founding member and drummer Alan Wagner in 2005, the initial idea was a simple one: perform the music of The Beatles as it was, by them. The band uses only guitars, drums and true voices. No computers or digital processors, no tapes or loops, no modern sounding amps...just pure original Beatles! "The Cavern Beat may be the first group trying to sound like the actual vinyl records!" according to Alan; and if you listen closely, you'd swear you almost hear the hiss and pops of an LP record before each song.

The Cavern Beat started its tribute journey by specializing in the early works, including many of the more obscure songs from the Hamburg and Liverpool eras, including those recorded live at the BBC. They wore the famous Sullivan and Hard Days Night suits and had their early audiences dancing in the aisles from the very first song. "These songs take a lot of practice and require incredible timing" says manager Phil, the "Brian Epstein" of the group. "But as the guys became more and more popular, audiences clamored for later material, so we invested in new equipment and now perform all eras including the famous Sergeant Pepper and Abbey Road look".

The band borrows its name from the now world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. The Beatles played more shows there than anywhere else in their whole career. Debuting at "the cellar full of noise" in August 2008, and again in 2009 and 2010, The Cavern Beat played to an amazed crowd of "packed in" Beatles fanatics who twisted and shouted the night away. "It must have been something like this for the actual Beatles" says left-handed Armando Regalado, Cavern Beat's man on bass guitar. "The energy reflected back to us from the audience was quite moving!"

This response is typical of any Cavern Beat show. The lads seem to capture the essence and feelings unique to this sort of tribute show. It may be because they all share a similar upbringing to the real Fab Four. Raised in Chicago, they grew up living on healthy doses of music and pizza (versus fish and chips!). According to lead guitarist Doug Couture, "Channeling the spirit, sound and likeness of the Fabs is the ultimate goal of the tributary entertainer. You have a short window of time to captivate an audience and leave a moment or memory for the visual listener”. It was this common ground that drove them together to become an amazingly lifelike tribute to one of the greatest musical forces of all time.

The boys promise their audiences a wonderful and exciting evening. "We try to present a unique show every time we go out there " says Jim Irizarry, a look-alike John Lennon who also plays rhythm guitar and harmonica, "based upon the look and feel of the venue and the audience” And over the past few years, The Cavern Beat has been in demand everywhere, including not only in its mid-west roots, but also (in this 50th anniversary year) throughout North America - Florida, the Dakotas, California, Louisiana, Canada and elsewhere.